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Today I was asked to be Scott Rigsby’s assistant for his visit to Cape Girardeau. I picked him up at 06:00, had breakfast with him then took him to the Run for God 5K/10K. I helped him set up his table, took pictures for him and took him back to his motel. Later I picked him up ad drove him to St Louis to catch his flight. Scott is an amazing man and a great speaker. Praise God I was the one picked to drive him around today.

SEMO-TRI-TEAM members Matt Anders and Shannon Aldridge present Scott Rigsby, double amputee, 2 time Ironman Hawaii finisher, three time Boston Marathon runner and multi world record holder with a SEMO-TRI-TEAM shirt Saturday June 28th at the Run For God in Cape Girardeau.

MapMyFitness Syncs with Walgreens Balance Rewards - MapMyFitness

The MapMyFitness team loves Walgreens for far more reasons than just their handy sock aisle. In fact, we are proud to say that we were chosen to be one of only a handful or partners that Walgreens works with in the health sphere and one of only three mobile apps! Because of this partnership, MapMyFitness users can now sync their account with the Walgreens Balance Rewards program to earn points for their activity.

Walgreens Balance Rewards allow you to get points for healthy activities you do every day. Use those points on future purchases and let the MapMyFitness app sync your workouts to the platform automatically! Breezy easy.

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